Trick Reins


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Clinton’s Trick Reins are 8-foot loop reins that are made out of high-quality marine yachting rope. The reins are durable, soft in your hands, and they do not get slippery if they get wet.

The 8-foot length of the reins offers just the right amount of slack for teaching your horse tricks. Reins that are longer create too much slack, which makes it difficult to manage the reins.

During the teaching stage of training your horse to do tricks, you’ll need to use both a lead rope and the Trick Bridle to encourage the horse to lie down or bow. It’s helpful if the lead rope and the reins are in different colors so that you don’t get confused about which one to cue the horse with.

Please note, this product is reins only. Slobber straps are sold separately.

Color: Black



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