Plain Slobber Straps


Slobber straps attach the reins to the bit and act like a hinge. Because of the weight of the leather, slobber straps give the horse a pre-signal that you’re about to make contact with the bit and they release quickly to give the horse an instant reward when he does the right thing.

Our slobber straps are made out of premium leather and are designed to stay strong and supple through heavy use.

Our plain slobber straps feature the roo logo and are available in a one-piece or two-piece style and come in three colors: chestnut roughout, chocolate or harness. If you often change bits on your bridle, you’ll want the two-piece style as it allows you to change bits without untying your reins.

Slobber straps are sold per pair.

Please note that colors may vary due to differences in dye lots.




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