Plain Harness Mecate Set


If you’re a serious trail rider, you need Clinton’s mecate bridle set. It’s his must-have training tool! Learn why in this training tip.

The plain harness mecate set comes with a plain harness headstall, a snaffle bit of your choice, a curb strap, your choice of one- or two-piece slobber straps, and a set of durable, 22-foot long rope reins.

We recommend pairing our harness curb strap and slobber straps with the plain harness headstall for a clean, classy look.

Key Features of the mecate bridle set:

  • The snaffle bit has a 5-inch mouthpiece and is a combination of a D- and O-ring. Copper inlays encourage the horse to salivate.
  • The 22-foot long marine yachting rope reins provide easy-to-adjust loop rein control and are fashioned with a built-in lead rope. The weighted end of the lead rope makes the mecate the perfect training tool to do groundwork with your horse no matter where you are.
  • The slobber straps act as a hinge to allow you to release pressure quickly and pick up slower to reward and cue your horse precisely. If you often change bits on your bridle, you’ll want the two-piece style as it allows you to change bits without untying your reins.

Download our Mecate Instructions. The step-by-step instructions will explain how to attach the reins to your bridle and how to safely tie your horse with the reins without removing the bridle.



Price: $308.00
NWC Price: $216.00

Quick Change Harness Headstall

151 in stock (can be backordered)

Sweet Iron Snaffle Bit

Leather Curb Straps

Plain Slobber Straps

Mecate Reins

These 22-foot reins provide easy-to-adjust loop reins as well as a built-in lead rope you can use to tie or work a horse from the ground.

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