In the Colt Starting Series, Clinton covers every aspect of starting a young horse from catching a wild horse to safely walking, trotting and cantering on a loose rein both in the arena and on the trail. The series is filled with countless success tips, safety precautions and troubleshooting advice.

With the experience of starting over 600 wild brumbies straight from the Australian Outback, there isn’t a colt starting situation Clinton hasn’t found himself in and doesn’t know the solution to. He learned his colt starting technique from the renowned Aussie horseman, Gordon McKinlay, heralded in his lifetime as the “King of the Roundpen” for his ability to gentle wild horses. Incorporating Gordon’s philosophy of thoroughly preparing a young horse on the ground and using a helper during the colt’s first three rides, Clinton’s focus on safety for both horse and rider makes his method the practical and smart choice for building a lifelong partnership.

In the series, Clinton works with a wild mustang to best demonstrate how effective his method of colt starting is, covering every crucial step to achieving a safe and enjoyable partnership with a young horse. So whether you have a colt you’ve raised since birth or are taking on an untouched prospect, Clinton has your step-by-step guide to getting off to the right start.

The digital Colt Starting Series may be accessed on your mobile device using the Downunder Horsemanship app, which is a free download from the App Store and Google Play, and on your computer through the Downunder Horsemanship website.

Exercises and Topics Covered in the Series:

  1. Roundpenning
  2. Desensitizing to the Lariat
  3. Roping the Colt with the Lariat
  4. Leading with the Lariat
  5. Haltering
  6. Getting Two Eyes with the Halter
  7. Yield the Hindquarters Stage One
  8. Yield the Hindquarters Stage Two
  9. Lunging for Respect Stage One
  10. Desensitizing to the Lead Rope
  11. Desensitizing to the Stick and String
  12. Sending Exercise
  13. Turn and Go
  14. Lunging for Respect Stage Two
  15. Ponying with a Saddle-Broke Horse
  16. Yield the Forequarters
  17. Backing Up Method 1: Tap the Air
  18. Flexing the Head and Neck
  19. Leading by the Feet
  20. Laying the Colt Down
  21. Jeffrey’s Method (Human Curry Comb)
  22. Desensitizing to Rope Around Belly
  23. Saddling
  24. Circle Driving
  25. Stirrup Driving
  26. Desensitizing to Plastic Bags
  27. Backing Up Method 2: Wiggle, Wave, Walk and Whack
  28. Backing Up Method 3: Marching
  29. Backing Up Method 4: Steady Pressure
  30. Leading Beside
  31. Pick Me Up Off the Fence
  32. Desensitizing to Feed Whackers
  33. Desensitizing to the Stock Whip
  34. Desensitizing to the Dressage Whip
  35. Head Shy Exercises
  36. Check Around to the Tail
  37. Picking up the Feet
  38. Touch and Rub: Poll
  39. Touch and Rub: Hindquarters
  40. Helicopter Exercise
  41. Run Up and Rub
  42. Leading Behind
  43. First Ride in Roundpen – with a helper
  44. Second Ride in Roundpen – with helper doing less
  45. Third Ride – with helper ideally doing nothing
  46. Desensitizing to Water
  47. Introducing the Snaffle Bit
  48. Riding Your Colt Outside the Arena for the First Time

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