Aussie Horse Hackamore

Clinton starts all of his colts in the Aussie Hackamore and continues to ride the young horses in the hackamore through their fifteenth ride. He believes the hackamore makes for a smooth transition for a colt going from responding to a halter on the ground to responding to the same type of pressure under saddle.

The Aussie Hackamore features a rope noseband that is stiff in nature, which discourages the horse from leaning on the hackamore. The feel of the noseband and the responsiveness it creates in the horse is much like the difference between the Downunder Horsemanship rope halter and other halters on the market. It’s ideal for developing lightness without the use of a bit for horses of all ages. Crafted with heavy harness leather, available in chocolate. Features the same white durable yachting rope reins as the performance horse reins.



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