Featherflex™ Straight Horse Cinch


When it comes to cinches, Clinton prefers the Featherflex™ Cinch by Classic Equine. This cinch is made to perform with your horse’s comfort in mind and comes in two styles: straight and roper.

Key features of the Featherflex™ Straight Cinch:

  • Extra soft, non-chaffing, non-galling virgin neoprene is self-lubricating, flexible, and reduces girth itch under extreme conditions.
  • Exclusive, six-layer system eliminates twist and cinch discomfort.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-fungal.
  • Custom designed stainless steel buckles and dees will not rust.
  • Magni-hide seamless nylon top cover is impervious to spurs.

A tip for selecting the correct size for your horse:

  1. Measure around your horse’s barrel, where the girth will be (right behind the horse’s withers).
  2. Divide that number by 2.
  3. Then subtract 3.
  4. Round down to the nearest even number, if needed. For example, if the number you end up with is 33, round down to 32.
  5. That number is the size of cinch to order.




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