All-Rope Sideline Hobbles


Designed to teach a horse to yield to pressure around his legs in a safe way, Clinton’s sideline hobble is made of high-quality yachting rope. Great for on-the-go trail riders.

If you’re teaching your horse the exercises in Clinton’s Hobbling and Leg Restraints video series, you’ll need this horse hobble.

Listen to Clinton explain why and when to use sideline hobbles in this video.

The sideline hobble is available in three sizes: small (24.5 inches long), medium (31 inches long) and large (41 inches long).

How to Choose Which Size to Get:

Stand your horse square on level ground and measure from his front hoof to his back hoof on the same side of his body. Then choose the sideline hobble that’s less than that measurement. For example, if you measure your horse and get 25″, order a small. If your horse’s measurement is not close to the sideline hobble size less than it, then choose the size nearest to what your horse’s measurement is. For example, if you measure your horse and get 38″, order a large. You can tie a knot in the rope hobble to shorten it up so that it works correctly. (Clinton explains how to do this in the video “Sideline Hobbles With Woody” in the Hobbling and Leg Restraints series.)




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