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Give Your Young Horse the Best Start


The Foal Training Series follows the progress of two foals as they go through their first exposures to haltering, leading, handling feet, tying and more. Clinton works with a foal he imprints at birth and another foal he purposely leaves untouched for a month to demonstrate how to approach both training situations and still come to the same result - a respectful and willing partner.


Series includes 8 DVDs and 14 Arena Mates


Working With Young Horses Resource

Exercises and Topics Covered in the Series:

1) Before Getting Started

2) Catching the Foal

3) Desensitizing to Touch

4) Touch and Rub: Yield the Hindquarters

5) Backing Off String Pressure

6) Touch and Rub: Yield the Forequarters

7) Leading Exercise: Inside Turns

8) Leading Exercise: Figure 8s

9) Haltering

10) Stepping Laterally From String Pressure

11) Getting Two Eyes With the Long Line

12) Leading Exercise With the Long Line

13) Leading Exercise With the Halter

14) Yield the Hindquarters Stage 2

15) Yield the Hindquarters Stage 1

16) Yield the Hindquarters and Spiral Out

17) Desensitizing to the Lead Rope

18) Yield the Forequarters Off Driving Pressure

19) Turn and Draw

20) Flexing the Head and Neck

21) Sending Exercise

22) Lunging for Respect Stage 1

23) Desensitizing to the Stick and String

24) Turn and Go

25) Lunging for Respect Stage 2

26) Backing Up Method 1

27) Backing Up Method 4

28) Circle Driving

29) Backing Up Method 2

30) Backing Up Method 3

31) Leading Behind

32) Touch and Rub: Poll

33) Leading Beside

34) Desensitizing on the Tie Ring

35) Picking Up the Feet

36) Weaning

37) Success Tips