Roundpen FAQ

They are powder coated with a black finish.
The roundpen gate features a cutout of the Downunder Horsemanship roo medallion. The gate is 9 feet high with 7 feet of clearance.
The roundpen features 14 gauge high tensile steel tubing that is 2 inches in diameter.
Behlen offers a one-year guarantee.
Yes, the roundpen comes with a one-year warranty for normal wear and tear.
The roundpen’s diameter is 50 feet. Each roundpen is made up of 15 panels and 1 gate.
No. The finish is UV resistant to resist fading and baked on at 350 degrees to ensure an attractive, long-lasting finish.
Via a BMCT (Behlen Transportation) semi-truck, which is a 53-foot flatbed. You will be responsible for unloading the roundpen from the truck and will need to have the necessary equipment to do so.
You can expect your roundpen to arrive in 8 weeks.