Downunder Horsemanship


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Learn to fine-tune your knowledge and application of the Method with the Advanced Series. The third level of the Method continues to build off the respect, control and communication you established in the Fundamentals and Intermediate Series and will accelerate your horsemanship to a level you never thought possible. By the time you finish the Advanced Series, you will be able to control your horse's feet on the ground with precision and guide him under saddle with your fingertips.


The Advanced Series includes 7 DVDs, 14 Arena Mates and an exercise sheet.


Advanced Series Exercises:


1) Lunging for Respect Stage Three

2) Backing Angles

3) Backing Circles

4) Leading Rollbacks

5) Jumping and Crossing Obstacles

      a) Jumping Over Barrels

      b) Crossing a Tarp

6) Pick Me Up Off the Fence

7) Backing Serpentines

8) Outback Exercise on the Long Line

9) Lunging for Respect Stage Three on the Long Line

10) Long Line Changing Directions

11) C-Pattern on the Long Line

12) Sidepassing Off the Fence

13) Stirrup Driving

14) Flex and Lead by the Ear

15) Leading by the Muzzle



1) Two-Tracking Stage One

2) Sidepassing Off the Fence

3) Counterbending at the Walk and Trot

4) Vertical Flexion at the Canter

5) Rollbacks in the Corner

6) Advanced Rollbacks

7) Yield the Hindquarters on a Straight Line

8) Two-Tracking Stage Two

9) Collected Lead Departures

10) Flower Power

11) Backing Circles on the Ground With the Bridle

12) Backing Circles Under Saddle

13) Counterbending at the Canter

14) Drive to a Stop

15) Backing Shoulder In/Shoulder Out

16) Post-to-Post Rollbacks

17) Neck Reining