Downunder Horsemanship


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In the next step to achieving true partnership with your horse, Clinton shows you how to build on the concepts of respect, control and communication you worked to establish in the Fundamentals Series. Lessons in the Intermediate Series focus on gaining even more control of your horse's feet on the ground and achieving true lightness and suppleness in the saddle.


The Intermediate Series includes 11 DVDs, 15 Arena Mates and an exercise sheet.


Intermediate Series Exercises:


1) Changing Sides

2) Run Up and Rub

3) Desensitizing to Plastic Bags

4) Slap and Tap

5) Changing Eyes

6) Touch and Rub

       a) Nose

       b) Poll

       c) Forequarters

7) Outback Exercise

8) C-Pattern

9) Throw to a Stop

10) Sidepassing on the Fence

11) Leading Behind

12) Turn and Go

13) Circle Driving Transitions

14) Line Driving

15) Circle Driving Transitions on the Long Line

16) Bridle Bending

       a) Forward and Around

       b) Yield the Hindquarters

       c) Yield the Shoulder

       d) Back Up



1) Vertical Flexion at the Walk

2) Cloverleaf Exercise

3) Yield and Bend

4) Post 'N Circle

5) Yield the Hindquarters on the Fence

6) Yield the Hindquarters and Sidepass on the Fence

7) Rollbacks on the Fence

8) Vertical Flexion at the Trot

9) Shoulder In/Shoulder Out

10) Serpentine Exercise

11) Yield the Hindquarters and Bring the Front End Through

12) Down and Around

13) Bending With Vertical

14) Leads Exercise

15) Sidepass From a Standstill on the Fence

16) Stop on Whoa

17) Draw to a Walk Transitions