Downunder Horsemanship


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This is the digital Fundamentals Series you may access on your mobile device using the Downunder Horsemanship app and on your computer. The Fundamentals Series is the first level of the Method and establishes the foundation of every horse/human partnership needs to begin with. Includes a 100-page Philosophy book.


Fundamentals Exercises:


1) Roundpenning Exercises

2) Desensitizing to the Lead Rope

3) Desensitizing to the Stick and String

4) Yield the Hindquarters

       a) Stage One

       b) Stage Two

5) Backing Up

       a) Method 1: Tap the Air

       b) Method 2: Wiggle, Wave, Walk and Whack

       c) Method 3: Marching

       d) Method 4: Steady Pressure

6) Yield the Forequarters

7) Lunging for Respect Stage One

8) Flexing the Head and Neck

      a) Steady Pressure

      b) Bumping on the Halter

      c) Poke and Flex

      d) Flexing From the Opposite Side

9) Sending Exercise

10) Circle Driving

11) Lunging for Respect Stage Two

12) Leading Beside

13) Fundamental Desensitizing

       a) Slap and Walk

       b) Helicopter Exercise

       c) Head Shy Exercise



1) Flex With the Bridle on the Ground

2) Flexing at the Standstill

3) One Rein Stops

4) Cruising Lesson

5) Follow the Fence

6) Diagonals

7) Touch and Rub Exercise

8) Yield the Hindquarters From a Standstill

9) Yield to a Stop

10) Bending at the Walk

11) Bending Transitions

12) Vertical Flexion at the Standstill

13) Draw to a Stop

14) Yield the Hindquarters and Back Up


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