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The key to enjoying a safe, fun and fulfilling partnership with your horse is having the knowledge and confidence to lead and train him. All great partnerships are based on three elements: trust, respect and communication. However, whenever one element is lacking, the partnership ceases to exist. When it comes to interacting with our horses, we humans unintentionally tend to be our own worst enemies. By design, horses and humans are not meant to get along. Horses are prey animals with an ingrained flight or fight response, and we humans are predators. We perceive the world around us on opposite ends of the scale.


Before you train a horse, you have to understand basic horse psychology and what makes your horse tick. When you understand how the horse processes his thoughts and why he does the things that he does, both good and bad, you will be able to accomplish anything. If you don't understand how your horse perceives the world around him, then you will struggle with your horsemanship goals. Clinician Clinton Anderson knows horsemanship isn't always easy to do, but it is easier to understand when you can identify what motivates your horse to act the way that he does.


With over 20 years of experience working with horses and helping people safely train them, Clinton has become an expert at bringing out their best. In Philosophy, Clinton details what he wishes everyone knew about horses before working with them. Breaking down the crucial elements of horsemanship, he explains how to become an effective leader horses look to for guidance and how to successfully start a mutually enjoyable partnership. You'll learn what motivates your horse, the basics of respect and why it must be established, and the role pressure and body language play in communicating. Clinton prescribes a tried and true formula to train a well broke horse and discusses the three elements that go into becoming an all-around great horseman. Filled with commonsense explanations and personal anecdotes from Clinton's life, the lessons in Philosophy provide the instruction and inspiration needed to help you achieve your horsemanship dreams.


The 152-page hardcover book is beautifully illustrated with color photos. It's presented in a slipcase, and includes a 17" x 29-7/8" pullout poster.